ArtistsOntheWay” is an app that allows the number of artist contracts to be increased, and which reduces the production costs of promoters thanks to keeping artists’ location and availability up to date at all times.

With AOW, artists complete their calendars themselves, indicating dates and places so that all promoters know which artists are or will be in their area. If these artists are contracted, transport and accommodation costs are eliminated, and artists obtain contracts on the free days of their tours, stays or holidays.

Artists of the world – get moving!

Hey, I’m here!

How to use the APP?

For artists, sound, lighting and image technicians

All individual artists or groups, and sound, lighting and image technicians who wish to take advantage of the free days of their tours, stays and even holidays, in places where they are to obtain more performance contracts.

How? By publishing the dates and geographic region where they are located during previously contracted tours, private holidays and other types of stay through the “My Calendar” tool on AOW.

Artists only use 25 to 45% of their potential days. With AOW, they have the opportunity to triple their incomes (if they are able to fill their calendars).

For artistic-cultural promoters and related sectors

Artistic-cultural promoters and related sectors (cultural managers and technicians, events promoters, owners of leisure spaces, etc.) will be able to locate artists matching their geographic location and date filters through the “Search” tool. In this way, promoters will be able to know which artists will be available in their areas on the desired dates in advance, thereby arranging all or part of their programming with these artists, reducing the transport and accommodation costs which bringing the artists from other regions or their hometowns would entail, taking advantage of them already being in their area. They may also be able to cover last minute changes, among many other advantages.

My Profile

A profile is selected between Artist, Technical Specialist or Promoter. As many new profiles can be created as necessary for our professions. The artist will enter an artistic name by which they will be known.

My Calendar

This allows the dates and respective places where you will be to be marked. The is the possibility of constantly updating it, blocking days, and sharing several areas on the same date if necessary. With the privacy options, you can decide who can see the calendar, being able to hide it from everyone and only allowing it to be viewed upon request. It can be viewed in calendar mode and list mode.

My Portfolio

The description of the profile of the artist or technical specialist, where their artistic discipline(s) are entered with a short text, photographs and link to other websites, such as their main website or other self-promotion websites which include more extensive artist information. Various portfolios can be created for each discipline in which the artist or technical specialist is specialised.


Allows artists to be searched for. Promoters decide on the various filters for locating artists on dates and in regions by disciplines and profiles. The artists can also search for each other. This is very useful, for example, in the case of one artist being absent and an urgent replacement being needed. Promoters cannot be searched for.


Live chat between the users of the application. There is the possibility of blocking users, if necessary. In the case of a contract or performance agreement being made, the artist can request an evaluation through ratings of “reliability”, “punctuality” and “communication”, which will be shown on the public profile of the artist or technical specialist.


In the case of finding an artist but them not being available on the date in the desired region, this tool can be activated, through which the desired filters can be entered, the app notifying you when the artist matches these filters. A region and start and end date are indicated, and the app will notify us when that artist will be available in the selected region on the selected date.